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Are these the creepiest office chairs you’ve ever seen?

Are these the creepiest office chairs you’ve ever seen?

Self-parking office chairs might be the creepiest example of home automation yet.

Home automation is one of the biggest trends right now, with everyone throwing their hat in the ring to make our homes smarter and our lives easier.

Now Japanese car manufacturer Nissan have pitched in, giving the humble office chair a slightly creepy technological upgrade.

Integrating their intelligent parking assistant into the chair’s base, they’ve eliminated the need to tidy the meeting room’s chairs after you’re done – simply clap and the chairs will find their way back into their original positions.

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The technology behind the idea is easy: cameras in all four corners, like the cameras  of the rooms keep track of where every chair is.

When the signal to tidy up is given, the WiFi-connected chairs silently whirr back to where they came from, neatly arranging themselves around the desk as if a helpful ghost had taken residence in the room.

Sadly, the chairs are not up for sale (yet), as they seem to be a PR stint for Nissan’s new Automatic Parking Assistang, so you’ll have to tidy your office – be it at work or a home – yourself for a bit longer.

But then again, you’ll also steer clear of any awkward situations brought on by eventual excited clapping in meetings.

For more details (and more images of creepily gliding chairs), watch the full video below: