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Senate candidate urges Obama to finish evolving on gay marriage

Senate candidate urges Obama to finish evolving on gay marriage

President Barack Obama's stance that he is still 'evolving' on the issue of gay marriage as he officially remains against is no longer flying with some prominant members of his own Democratic party.

Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard Law School professor who is leading in some polls to unseat incumbent Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, is calling on Obama to end his evolution once and for all.

'I want to see the president evolve because I believe that is right; marriage equality is morally right,' Warren says in an interview with Washington Blade.

Warren also echoed the recent remarks of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villraigosa, chairman of the 2012 Democratic National Convention, in having the legalization of gay marriage as part of the party's platform.

'I’d be glad to see it included in the Democratic platform,' Warren says. 'It helps raise awareness of the impact of [the Defense Of Marriage Act] and it helps build support to repeal it.'

She pledges to take a leadership role in ending DOMA, which prohibits federal recognition of same-sex unions, if she elected to the US Senate.

'I think that DOMA is a terrible statute,' Warren says. 'For forever, the federal government has permitted the states to define marriage, and now the federal government steps in and says, ‘Yeah, the states get to do it for most families, but not those families because we don’t like them.''