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Senior Trump advisor tweets support for ‘conversion therapy’

Senior Trump advisor tweets support for ‘conversion therapy’

  • She has previously said that same-sex marriage ‘sets the stage for bestiality and pedophilia’.
Jenna Ellis with Donald Trump.

A senior advisor to Donald Trump – Jenna Ellis – has tweeted her support for ‘conversion therapy’ in her latest attack on LGBT+ people.

Attorney and evangelical campaigner Ellis has joint roles as senior legal advisor to both the president and the Trump 2020 campaign.

Now she has retweeted an article that backs ‘conversion therapy’. The tweet she shared states:

‘No, sexual orientation is not immutable: 

‘“One large, longitudinal study found that over 80% of same-sex-behaved adolescents became exclusively heterosexually behaved after six years.”’

Misleading claims

In fact, psychological, psychiatric and medical bodies around the world agree that ‘therapy’ can’t change LGBT+ people’s gender identity or sexual orientation. Moreover, they say ‘conversion therapy’, ‘gay cures’ or ‘reparative therapy’ can do serious longterm harm.

Moreover, the 80% figure comes from a study that ‘conversion therapy’ backers often like to cite.

It comes from a 14-year-old study about puberty by Cornell University developmental psychology Professor Ritch Savin-Williams.

But the study wasn’t about ‘conversion therapy’. Moreover, Savin-Williams later said the figure was a result of young teens not being clear what sexualities really meant and acting as ‘jokesters’ by claiming same-sex attraction they didn’t really have.

Meanwhile the article she shared talks about Canada’s Bill C-8. The bill would create the world’s most comprehensive ban on LGBT+ conversion therapy.

In the article New West Community Church pastor Paul Dirks argues:

‘The fact that many LGBT people have childhood trauma in their past argues that these experiences ought to legally be able to be explored in therapy.

‘This is especially the case for minors, a group that are often singled out as a particular reason for banning therapy related to sexual orientation or gender identity.’

However, Canada’s proposals will not prevent LGBT+ people seeking counselling for childhood trauma. Of course it will only ban ‘conversion therapy’ which seeks to change their sexual orientation or gender identity.

How Ellis reacted to the Pulse shooting

Ellis has a long history of anti-LGBT+ interventions. This includes testifying in favor of conversion therapy in front of a Colorado House committee.

Meanwhile she has claimed that HIV among gay and bi men is ‘God’s moral law and his supremacy’.

Talking about the US Supreme Court decision to allow same-sex marriage, Ellis said:

‘We are going to completely ignore what the truth says, what God says, and we are going to redefine marriage.

‘It is setting the stage for polyamory, bestiality and pedophilia. We are saying any sexual urge is valid.’

She also criticized judges for decriminalizing homosexuality in Texas. She said: ‘Judicial activism ignored the immorality of homosexuality.’

However her most famous rant came just two days after the 2016 mass shooting at gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida.

Ellis admitted the shooting, which left 49 murdered and 53 injured, was a ‘tragedy’.

Nevertheless, she criticized conservatives for ‘embracing and advocating for gay rights’ in a blog post. She titled the posts ‘Two wrongs do not make an LGBT right’.

Moreover, she used the post to express that human rights have to be consistent with the Bible.

She said: ‘Constitutional conservatism expressly recognizes through the Declaration of Independence that the only rights that exist come from God and are therefore dependent on consistency with God’s law.’

Indeed, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has followed this logic. He is trying to rewrite the country’s commitment to international human rights. His department has just published a report that paves the way for the US to abandon LGBT+ rights commitments on this basis.

‘Conversion therapy’ bans gaining traction

Despite Ellis’ views, attempts to ban ‘conversion therapy’ around the world are starting to gain traction.

Not only is Canada discussing a legal ban, but so are The Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Australia and Chile, among others.

Malta, Ecuador, Brazil, Taiwan and Germany have already banned ‘conversion therapy’ in law.

There are already bans in 20 US states: New Jersey, California, Oregon, Illinois, Vermont, New Mexico, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Nevada, Washington, Hawaii, Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Colorado, Utah and Virginia as well as Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

Moreover, Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for the presidency, has promised he will ban the ‘therapies’ if he gets to the White House.

Meanwhile international LGBT+ organization ILGA World predicted 2020 could be a breakthrough year on the issue worldwide.