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Serbia’s new government will include first openly gay minister

Serbia’s new government will include first openly gay minister

Ana Brnabic would be Serbia's first gay prime minister

Serbia’s new government will include the country’s first ever openly gay minister.

Aleksander Vucic, who will be the prime minister by the end of this week, has said he attends to ellect Ana Brnabic as his new Minister of Public Administration.

He said while it may draw public attention in a Balkan conservative country.

‘She is not hiding her sexuality, she speaks about it proudly,’ he said in a news conference, saying he was only interested in how ‘professional’ and ‘hardworking’ she is.

He added he was ‘happy to work with someone like Brnabic’.

‘If you can tell me something bad about her professional resume, tell me,. I’m only interested in her results.’

Vucic added: ‘She has exquisite energy and I am looking forward to working with her.’

The Gay Straight Alliance has welcomed the decision as a ‘historic’ moment’.

‘This is a huge step in creating a society of equal opportunities which identifies the equality and expertise of people regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or any other personal characteristic,’ a spokesperson said.

‘The participation of LGBTI people in politics is crucial for increasing tolerance, reducing discrimination and violence against the LGBTI population in Serbia.

‘The choice for Ana Brnabic for State Administration and Local Self Government will undoubtedly contribute to a greater acceptance and understanding of the LGBTI community.’