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Same-sex couples can now get married in Slovenia

Same-sex couples can now get married in Slovenia

Slovenia Pride celebrated same-sex marriage

Same-sex couples can now get married in Slovenia starting from today (24 February).

The first lesbian wedding will take place tomorrow in the central European’s second largest city Maribor.

The law was officially passed 10 months ago after a December 2015 referendum rejected a draft which would have also given gay couples the right to adopt children.

When it was originally legalized in March 2015, Slovenia became the first central European country to allow same-sex marriage.

United Left MP Matej Vatovec said same-sex marriage ensured Slovenia would become a ‘truly tolerant and inclusive community.’

‘Slovenia is entering the 21st century,’ he said.

Vatovec introduced the bill with the support of the major party in the ruling coalition. But center-right parties opposed the measure, saying it would undermine traditional family values.

Same-sex couples are also excluded from artificial insemination’.

‘We are still far from our goal… If you truly recognize human rights you recognize them in full. The new law solves some problems but does not solve the basic problem that all people in our country should have the same rights,’ gay partners Jure Poglajen and David Zorko said in a statement.

Legebitra – the LGBTI rights group – called today a ‘big step forward’.