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Same-sex marriage in Faroe Islands approved by Denmark

Same-sex marriage in Faroe Islands approved by Denmark

Same-sex couples will finally be able to marry in the Faroe Islands.

The island’s government voted last year in favor of same-sex marriage. Danish government had to approve the Marriage Act amendments for it to officially go through.

Denmark included religious ceremonies when they legalized same-sex marriage in 2012. However, the Faroe Islands will not.

They raised concerns Christians would oppose the amendment if religious ceremonies were included. Danish Parliament signed off on the legislation, which would not require churches to wed same-sex couples. There was a landslide vote of 108-0.

Same-sex couples will wed in civil ceremonies for the time being.

Head of LGBT Faroe Islands, Eiler Fagraklett, said: ‘It was an intense, exciting and unpredictable moment. When the MPs finally passed the amendment to the bill and thereby granted us with equal rights, it came as a huge relief.’

The first same-sex marriages in the Faroe Islands will take place in July. This is due to the amendment potentially taking up to three months to come into effect.

A poll in 2014 found two-thirds of the island’s inhabitants believe same-sex couples should be able to wed.

In 2015, the country elected an openly gay politician for the first time.