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Sex scenes are no problem, US go-go dancer turned actor tells GSN

Sex scenes are no problem, US go-go dancer turned actor tells GSN

Getting Go is a film we can all relate to.

Obsessing over your crush is something we have all done, but film Getting Go takes it one step further when college student Doc decides to make a film about the object of his desires, go-go dancer nicknamed Go.

Soon enough, the subject of the film begins to shift, and the focus lies on the two men and their relationship with each other.

Gay Star News was lucky enough to talk to the handsome star of the film, Matthew Camp, who plays the go-go dancer in the New York- based film.

Camp told us why he wanted to get involved with the film.

‘The film is a story about infatuation, love and the internet,’ he said.

‘Some of the more interesting tones in this film deal with very interesting ideas of assimilation of the gay community into the mainstream.

‘I think that the general feeling of this movie is very adult and educated and open, there is no awkward coming out story as a focus.’

Camp revealed his time spent working as a go-go dancer made him the perfect choice for the film.

‘I had a very long career as a go-go boy that ended a couple of years ago, I had a certain amount of public recognition because of that.’

When asked about the portrayal of LGBTI characters in Hollywood films, Camp says there has been progression but there is still a long way to go.

‘I like that there are a growing number of gay characters in media,’ he says.

‘I really loved the way that the relationship was portrayed between the two gay characters in Cloud Atlas. The characters were flawed and lovable.’

‘A part of me feels glad as a child, I always looked for role models. On that note I don’t love the rather petty and superficial values you tend to see associated with gay men in media.’

And, how did he find the sex scenes with his co-star Tanner Cohen?

‘The sex scenes were easy, Tanner is a total babe,’ he said.

Getting Go is distributed by Peccadillo Pictures and was released on DVD last month. For more information visit their website here.

Check out the trailer for Getting Go here