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Sharon Osbourne on her attraction to women, homophobic trolling and being the face of GSN’s 2016 Pride bag

Sharon Osbourne on her attraction to women, homophobic trolling and being the face of GSN’s 2016 Pride bag

The Talk's Sharon Osbourne admitted she was attracted to women last week

She’s long been known as one of the most outspoken females in showbiz.

But when Sharon Osbourne – wife of Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy, and mum to Kelly, Jack and Aimee – casually declared she was attracted to women last week, even she couldn’t have predicted the reaction.

Speaking on The Talk, on which she is co-host, the long-time GLAAD supporter and fierce advocate for LGBTI rights said she was ‘not a little bit gay – I am extremely interested in the fact of what I missed out on. But it’s too late now’ – prompting global headlines labeling her bisexual.

Speaking exclusively to Gay Star News the week of Digital Pride, here, the 63-year-old discusses the complexities of sexual identity, the meaning of pride and her and Ozzy’s gay dog Rocky.

Plus, following in the footsteps of Sir Ian McKellen, the star reveals her design for Gay Star News’s 2016 Pride bag, available at prides around the UK this summer!

Sharon with her design for Gay Star News’s 2016 Pride bag

Hi Sharon! Thank you for being the face of our Pride bag for 2016!
Oh my gosh, I love, love the bag. I love everything about it. I can’t thank you guys enough! The shade of red is perfection…

How does it feel knowing you’ll soon be on the arm of your LGBTI fans?
It’s wonderful. I’m so honored and proud.

We’re celebrating Digital Pride at Gay Star News this week – what does pride mean to you?
It’s everything – who you are, how you behave, what you project into the world.

What do you mean by ‘Be fabulous’?
Just own who you are – be proud.

Did you see Sir Ian McKellen’s from last year?
Oh yes. I absolutely adore him. He’s been on our show and I idolize him.

Were you surprised when the media immediately labeled you bisexual after the discussion on The Talk last week?
No, not at all, it didn’t bother me. It’s just people didn’t really listen to the discussion, which doesn’t surprise me. But it didn’t bother me being labeled that. I do truly feel that everybody at some time in their lives wonders – not that they [necessarily] act on it – what it would be like to have a sexual relationship with somebody of the same sex. I just do. I think people who say they don’t are lying.

Technically it’s still a brave, open-minded thing to say…
When I said it, the studio audience were like: [Gasps] ‘Oh no, no, no, not me…’ I just find it hard to believe that people, at some stage in their life, haven’t wondered what it would be like.

How would you define your sexual orientation, if at all?
[Thinks] My sexual orientation is: I’m in love with my husband.

with @OzzyOsbourne at Hyde Park in London July 4, 2014 #tbt

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You said it’s ‘too late’ to explore; but some of our readers have said it’s never too late…
You know, probably, if I wasn’t married, I would. But I’m happy with my husband and that’s the way it is.

What did Ozzy and the family say? ‘Good for you for speaking your mind – as usual!’?
Oh yes! They were just like: ‘oh, you’re at it again!’ I was like: ‘yes…’

Have you had any declarations of love from lesbian fans?
Yes I have, and it’s wonderful. I love every one of them.

Have you had any negative reactions?
Of course, of course. ‘You’re sick’ and all of that. Oh, fuck off. People are scared.

In light of all this, who would you say is your biggest girl crush?
Nicole Scherzinger. She’s gorgeous.

Is it true you threw a diamond ring into the crowd at G-A-Y in London?
Yes I did. I went out on stage and was so overtaken with emotion, I took this ring off and threw it. I don’t even want to say how much it was worth. Afterwards I was like ‘What the fuck?!’ But who cares. I’m definitely nuts.

You’ve spoken of your disappointment at not having a gay child, but have you managed to raise any of your dogs gay?
Ozzy’s dog – Rockstar we call him, Rocky the Rockstar [pictured below, right, with Sharon and Mr Chips] – he’s definitely gay.

Me with my darlings #nationalpetday

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That’s hilarious. Ozzy’s dog, of all people’s…
He’s always preening himself, and the attitude, he’s such a diva. He loves to be brushed and have his photo taken. He has to be carried everywhere, he won’t walk.

Now we have same-sex marriage in America, England, Wales and Scotland, what do you see as the next big step for LGBTI rights?
Isn’t it amazing that we’ve seen that in our lifetime. The next thing we need is a bloody gay Prime Minister.

I remember you and Kelly campaigning against Proposition 8 in LA years ago. Are the whole family passionate about LGBTI rights?
Absolutely, yes. It was always an open discussion in the house. It’s something that’s so normal to us, to the children and Ozzy. It’s nothing, no big deal.

That surprises me, simply because you and Ozzy come from this rock and metal background, which I would’ve assumed in decades past was a homophobic environment…
You’ve got to remember one of Ozzy’s great friends for nearly 40 years has been Rob Halford [the openly gay frontman of heavy metal band Judas Priest]. Ozzy and I have been together for nearly 40 years and all my friends are gay. He loves them like I do. He’s so accepting. It’s just normal. He never questions anything.

Who’s your most fabulous gay friend?
Elton. How is he? He’s doing fabulously well. He’s in Vegas right now.

My dearest friend @EltonJohn. His performance on @TheTalkCBS was incredible

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As a showbiz veteran, what would be your advice to an up-and-coming star who was in the closet?
Oh my lord, just come out. Be who you are. It effects everything you do, including people’s behavior, when you’re hiding something. You don’t want people to think you’re fake, living a fake life for years. Just come out, be bold, be confident, and carry on with the rest of your life. It doesn’t define as a person, it’s just your sexual preference. You don’t want to be known as a liar. If you live a lie you can’t enjoy your life. You have the greatest respect for people when they do come out because it’s freeing for them.

You’re rumored to be rejoining the X Factor judging panel…
I think they’ve got everybody up for it, haven’t they. The press have named so many bloody people – it’s going to be the biggest judging panel ever [according to] the press!

But have you been in talks about it?
Well, it’s difficult. I’m friendly with all the people at ITV, I’m friendly with Louis. It’s like ‘Wouldn’t it be nice?’ Yes, it would be lovely, but there’s been nothing 100% offered to me, no. Who knows – they might offer it to me, but right now they haven’t.

Would you be interested it if it were?
It would be difficult. I do a show in America every day.

But you managed it in 2013, juggling the two shows…
Yes, but it was very, very hard on me. Three days in London, three days in LA and one day traveling back and forth.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Were you shocked that Cheryl left?
Not really. When you’ve got a new love in your life, you want to spend as much time with that person as possible.

Did the news about Cheryl and Liam Payne’s romance shock you?
I knew nothing about it. I thought ’She’s married now,’ then one day you pick up the paper and the marriage is gone and she’s with someone else. But good luck to her, I hope she’s happy.

Speaking of X Factor couples, I have a theory Simon and Louis are secretly gay lovers. Please tell me I’m right.
[Laughs] Listen, nothing would surprise me.

The show needs you and Louis – you always had the best chemistry. He seems desperate to get back on the panel…
He is. You know, he just adores the show. He’s the heart of the show – when he’s not there, there’s no heart. We’re the best of friends. We adore each other, so it’s natural for us. How was Rita Ora on the show?

I think people might’ve been a little disappointed with her, although it seems the disappointment more laid with Nick Grimshaw…
Nick and Rita are very young. Nothing against them, but I think it needs more accomplished people.

How would you feel if Dannii Minogue came back?

If it was Simon, Louis and Dannii…
I’d have to come back with a vengeance…

You’re a long-time supporter of GLAAD. What’s been the highlight of working with them over the years?
Do you know what it is? It’s the appreciation. Everyone is warm and welcoming. They’re all great people. It’s a labor of love.

Will you be attending the GLAAD Media Awards next month?
I hope so!

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