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Sharon Osbourne: ‘Simon Cowell has a gay-ish air’

Sharon Osbourne: ‘Simon Cowell has a gay-ish air’

Sharon Osbourne has commented on the rumors surrounding Simon Cowell’s sexuality.

In a London court last week, a recording was played asserting the former American Idol judge has slept with several men.

Cowell’s representative denied the claims, saying it was a ‘false suggestion’.

They added the ‘question of whether someone is or is not gay is antiquated’.

Osbourne was asked for her view about the claims, as she had been a judge with Cowell on The X Factor UK from 2004 to 2007.

Speaking on The Talk, she said: ‘Don’t you find that there are – not naming names! – a lot of people in this industry and outside this industry who have women as beards?

‘A lot of people do. They do. I’m not condemning them but it’s sad that people do have to do that and they don’t have the wherewithal, the strength or whatever their circumstances to live the lives as they want to.’

She added: ‘However, so many people do ask if Simon Cowell is gay.

‘I don’t know why. He does have a very gay-ish, which I think is fabulous, air about him.’

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