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Short film highlights discrimination against gay people in Hong Kong

Short film highlights discrimination against gay people in Hong Kong

A short YouTube-released film highlights the discrimination that gay people face at work in Hong Kong.

The Pantry is based on true stories from office around Hong Kong, include that of a gay man whose boss doesn’t allow him leave to visit his boyfriend in hospital and a lesbian who is moved to the worst desk in the office.

Activist and author Anshuman Das decided to make the film after Hong Kong’s government refused to allow a public consultation into improving rights for LGBT people last November.

‘They [the lawmakers] are in office because thousands of LGBT citizens pay taxes and yet they won’t even protect us against discrimination?’ Das said to Gay Star News.

‘We get fired for our sexual orientation, landlords turn us away, parents kick us out, hospitals don’t allow us visitation rights, we get no tax benefits, we cannot marry the one we love, the census board refuses to accept we exist, the insurance companies make us answer questionnaires meant for sex workers, we are called names and bullied. Why? Because we choose to keep quiet about this nonsense. But no more.

‘The Pantry is a call to break silence over these ridiculous atrocities. It is time to stand up for ourselves. No more closets. No more oppression. No more anonymity. It is time.’

The film is just under four minutes long but Das hopes to secure funding to make a full-length feature.

Watch the film here: