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Should we visit or boycott homophobic and transphobic countries?

Should we visit or boycott homophobic and transphobic countries?

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Should we visit or boycott homophobic countries? What is your dream holiday destination? Our LGBTI travel survey will discover the answers so we can inform the travel industry.

We will use it to tell travel professionals what you expect of their companies. What ethical issues do you consider when you choose your holidays? And, therefore, how can the industry help LGBTI rights?

What is more, we ask what you love to do on holiday. Is your perfect trip about embracing adventure, exploring museums, attending festivals, tasting local foods or just relaxing on the beach?

We will send the results out to leading travel professionals. And we will present them at the Travel Trade Gazette LGBT summit in London on 4 July.

Take part in our travel survey

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More about our travel survey

We have set up our survey to ask you relevant questions. So the information you provide at the beginning determines what else we ask you. That makes it quicker and more interesting to complete. We expect it to take no more than five minutes to finish.

We try to make our surveys engaging and thought-provoking so they are enjoyable to do. As always, we welcome your feedback on the questions we ask and the way we ask them. It will help us improve our research in future.

We will keep all responses totally anonymous. And we will keep your data secure and confidential. If you kindly provide your email to subscribe to our newsletter or to hear about future surveys, only Gay Star News will contact you, nobody else.

Numbers count – so please share the survey with anyone you think may be interested in helping.

Unlike many other LGBTI travel surveys, this one is not sponsored by a tourist board or a travel company, so is 100% impartial.

You can also take part in our survey about older LGBTI people – designed for older and younger people to complete.