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Silky Ganache accused of racism after Drag Race reading challenge

Silky Ganache accused of racism after Drag Race reading challenge

Silky Nutmeg Ganache accused of racism | Photo: VH1

Silky Nutmeg Ganache is being accused of racism after the Drag Race reading challenge on last night’s episode (25 April).

The controversial season 11 queen sparked criticism online after the Reading is Fundamental challenge.

Silky made a comment about Plastique Tiara, a fellow contestant, that many are viewing as racist.

Was Silky Nutmeg Ganache racist during the reading challenge? 

‘Miss Plastique Tiara, I’m truly surprised that you’re still here boo boo, but I think for us all, your elimination needs to come hayaku, hayaku,’ she said.

‘What the fuck does that mean?’ asked Plastique.

‘It’s hurry in Japanese bitch, hurry and go home,’ she replied.

‘I’m not Japanese,’ Plastique said.

Soju, who went home first, made it clear: ‘I’m korean and plastique is Vietnamese.’

Silky responded: ‘I know your heritage. But what puzzles me is that reads that rhymes which I did to every girl has become I’m racist. Okay. Y’all can play into that if you want.’

Soju then said: ‘You’re not a racist. It’s just something that should be addressed because again we lack enough Asian awareness to realize just saying Japanese words to a Vietnamese person isn’t funny.’

Silky then said: ‘If she felt some type of way, she could have said something then or now. She laughed and carried on. What you won’t do is use me for likes and views. Stop creating a whole new narrative.’

‘I cut up like I would in a dressing room.’

Jiggly Caliente, a season 4 queen with Filipino heritage, added: ‘My sweet Silky, I don’t think Soju is calling you racist. From what I’m gathering and saw it was a bit racially insensitive. Which I think bothers a lot of Asian community because it’s a joke as old as time that has never been fixed or addressed. We can talk about it.

Silky then said that she feels, as an educated black man, she feels everything that she says is ‘under a microscope to be dissected to prove that I’m not educated’.

‘Part of all of this is my fault because I was just raw having a good time,’ Silky added. ‘I cut up like I would in a dressing room.’

Jiggly then finally said: ‘The dressing room is different than on tv trust me sis.’

For the main challenge on this week’s episode, the queens showed off their comedy improv skills in Los Angeles Drag Patrol, a new guilty pleasure TV series which sees them pair up to ‘fight the law’ together.

The next episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 will be on VH1 next Thursday (2 May).