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RuPaul, Raja and Mr Smithers team up in drag queen Simpsons episode

RuPaul, Raja and Mr Smithers team up in drag queen Simpsons episode

Drag queen-inspired Simpsons episode

The Simpsons aired its drag queen episode last night (18 November) and it did not disappoint.

Titled Werking Mom, the episode featured cameos from RuPaul, season three winner of Drag Race Raja and Sideshow Mel and Mr Smithers in drag.

It also featured both Marge and Homer in full drag looks.

In the episode, Marge wants to sell tupperware to make some extra money. Her friend Julio gives her a drag makeover and then hosts a tupperware party with all of his gay friends in her honor.

The friends mistake Marge for a drag queen.

During her tupperware sales pitch, Marge says: ‘Alright boys – lets put tops on bottoms!’

RuPaul plays a character similar to herself called Queen Shante. In one scene, Marge walks the runway then opens Courtney Act-inspired wings on stage.

In another part of the episode, Homer meets Raja, who plays herself.

Homer then tries to get into his wife’s tupperware party and Raja asks if he’s on the list.

Raja then says: ‘Marge is like if Donna Reed and Donna Summer combined to solve all your food storage problems. And rumor has it – out of drag, Marge is hot, hunky and all man.’

Rajas cameo on tonight’s episode of the simpsons from r/rupaulsdragrace

The episode ends with Homer in full drag, complete with oranges for his chest.

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