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Sinéad O'Connor congratulates Pope on quitting

Pope Benedict XVI's announcement that he is to resign at the end of this month has earned him Sinéad O'Connor as a fan

Sinéad O'Connor congratulates Pope on quitting

Out bisexual Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor posted a short note on her website congratulating the Pontiff’s decision to stand down from office on 28 of February.

She stated: ‘I would like to congratulate Pope Benedict on his wise decision to retire before the very worst of what has been going on is discovered.

‘I appreciate his alluding to some of it in his statement and assure him The Most High forgives those who can faithfully say they did wrong.

‘The church had been brought into dreadful disrepute by lies and blasphemies against The Holy Spirit.

‘Benedict’s greatest achievement is this act of retiring. There is a chance now for the church to be re-built and made fit to house The Holy Spirit’.

Pope Benedict XVI has announced his intentions to resign earlier today (11 February).

In his message for World Day of Peace 2013, he said same-sex marriage is unnatural and poses a threat to ‘justice and peace’.

He said: ‘There is also a need to acknowledge and promote the natural structure of marriage as the union of a man and a woman in the face of attempts to make it juridically equivalent to radically different types of union.

‘Such attempts actually harm and help to destabilize marriage, obscuring its specific nature and its indispensable role in society.’

On another occasion, Benedict accused gay and trans people of ‘manipulating their God-given gender to suit their sexual choice’ and ‘destroying the very essence of the human creature’ in the process.

Experts are already saying that his resignation comes against a backdrop of controversy over his stance on homosexuality and, separately, the pedophile priest scandals that have rocked the church.

During the US TV programme ‘Saturday Night Live’ O’Connor infamously ripped up a photo of the late Pope John Paul II and said ‘fight the real enemy’ in reference to child abuse scandals within the Catholic Church.

In a 2010 interview with The Guardian O’Connor, who describes herself as Christian, slammed The Vatican, saying it was ‘a nest of devils’.

Pope Benedict XVI — who became Pope in 2005 — is the first to resign in over 600 years. 

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