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Singapore’s media censors ban Archie comic book over same-sex marriage

Singapore’s media censors ban Archie comic book over same-sex marriage

Just days after Singapore authorities banned two children’s books with LGBTI themes, it has been revealed that they also banned a January, 2012 issue of Archie comics which featured a same-sex wedding.

Singapore based graphic novelist Sonny Liew discovered the ban after he contacted bookstore chain Kinokuniya about the comic, ‘Archie: The Married Life Book Three,’ and learned that it had been banned by Singapore’s Media Development Authority.

The Media Development Authority’s guidelines prohibit ‘alternative lifestyles or deviant sexual practices,’ and lists homosexuality alongside ‘group sex and sadomasochism.’

The comic book depicts the gay interracial marriage of openly gay soldier Kevin Keller and Clay Walker.

The Media Development Authority confirmed the ban to The Straights Times newspaper, stating the comic had been banned over ‘its depiction of the same-sex marriage of two characters.’

‘The Publications Consultative Panel, which comprises a cross-section of Singapore society, was consulted. Its members advised that the theme of the comic was not in line with social norms and is in breach of existing content guidelines.’

A check by Singapore’s National Library Board found that there were four copies of the comic book in libraries across Singapore that were acquired before the Media Development Authority banned the comic and all are currently out on loan.

The Archie comic book series has depicted its characters in many different stages of their life and in the upcoming conclusion of the series Life With Archie, Keller, now a US senator, will have his life saved by Archie who dies jumping in the way of an assassin’s bullet.