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Singapore Catholic church calls for boycott of Madonna concert

Singapore Catholic church calls for boycott of Madonna concert

Madonna played the first date of her Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal.

Singapore’s archbishop has called on Catholics to boycott Madonna’s first concert in the conservative city-state next week.

Archbishop William Goh ‘has made representations to various (government) ministries and statutory boards to communicate the Catholic church’s grave concerns,’ according to a statement issued by the Archdiocesan Communications Office Saturday (20 February).

The Media Development Authority gave the concert a R18 rating for its ‘sexual references’ and banned content that would offend any race or religion, such as the song Holy Water.

In November, more than 11,000 people signed a petition demanding Adam Lambert be removed from the city’s New Year’s Eve concert ‘for his active promotion of a highly sexualized lifestyle and LGBT rights, both of which are contrary to mainstream Singaporean values.’

Goh told Catholics that it was their ‘moral obligation not to support those who denigrate and insult religions.’

‘There is no neutrality in faith; one is either for or against. Being present (at these events) in itself is a counter witness,’ he said.

‘Obedience to God and His commandments must come before the arts. As the people of God, we should subscribe to authentic arts that lead us to God through the appreciation of beauty, harmony, goodness, truth and love, respect, unity and the transcendent; and not support the “pseudo arts” that promote sensuality, rebellion, disrespect, pornography, contamination of the mind of the young, abusive freedom, individualism at the expense of the common good, vulgarity, lies and half-truths.’

Madonna will play the National Stadium on Saturday.