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Singapore pastor does not believe gay Christians deserve to be happy with who they are

Singapore pastor does not believe gay Christians deserve to be happy with who they are

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A Singaporean church pastor slams the idea that gay Christians can be happy and content with their own faith and sexuality.

Senior Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong of Cornerstone Community Church in Singapore is responding to a recently posted video featuring a lesbian Christian and her friend who’s a straight ally. The video was produced and uploaded by Pink Dot, Singapore’s biggest LGBTI rally.

Yang writes on his church’s website:

‘There’s been a disturbing video that’s been making its rounds, promoting a Christian lady who’s a lesbian and Christian at the same time. She’s promoting the virtue of being a happy homosexual Christian. I find this very disturbing and misleading’

The persons featured in the video are Pastor Pauline Ong of Free Community Church and her friend, Joan.

In the video, they talk about the story of their friendship, which started 15 years ago when they met in graduate school.

Joan was suffering from depression, and was even on the verge of committing suicide at one point. However, Pauline prevented the tragedy by stepping in as her caretaker.

‘Pauline is my hero because she never gave up,’ Joan adds with tears streaming.

Watch the touching story here:

Yang lambasts Pauline for coming forth as a gay believer, and describes gay Christians as being an oxymoron.

‘A homosexual Christian is an oxymoron. You cannot live a lifestyle that the Bible condemns and say you’re a believer in Jesus Christ at the same time,’ says Yang.

He further condemns Pauline’s story as ‘deceptive for untaught people.’

‘Her misleading testimony represents an insidious attempt to corrupt, undermine, distort and confuse the basic tenets of our Christian faith,’ Yang continues.

‘Please read your Bible and don’t misquote it. I assure you that a practicing homosexual will not see the insides of heaven if they continue down this path.’

Since the release of the video, Pauline’s church has issued a comprehensive FAQ to educate people on the issues of faith and sexuality (as well as to school some bigoted minds).

On the question of whether the Bible condemn LGBTQ persons, here’s what the FAQ says:

‘Nowhere in the Bible is a person condemned for their gender identity or sexual orientation. When someone says the Bible condemns “homosexuality”, they usually mean behaviour that they think God finds unacceptable.

‘The Bible condemns lust and immorality of any sort (whether heterosexual or homosexual). But nowhere does the Bible discuss same-sex attractions or how to live as a Christian if you have such feelings.

‘These are subjects where we must seek God’s heart through prayer and the guidance that we do have in Scripture.’