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Singapore PM dodges invite to gay rally

Singapore PM dodges invite to gay rally

Singapore’s prime minister Saturday (24 January) dodges a personal invitation to the city’s largest LGBTI rally during a online Q&A.

Lee Hsien Loong fielded questions from the public on his personal Facebook page from the social network’s Singapore offices.

During the 45-minute session, the premier managed to answer just 27 of nearly 1,500 questions, which ranged in topic from cats to gay rights.

Of the few he managed to answer, Lee decided to respond a question from LGBTI activist Lim Jialiang about his penchant for pink.

‘Why do you keep wearing pink shirts? I like pink too! Let’s go to Pink Dot this year!’ Lim wrote, referring to Singapore’s largest LGBTI rally held annually since 2009. 

‘My TV producer tells me to do that!’ Lee replied.

‘Great! My invitation still stands. Send me a PM!, Lim said.

Lee then moved on to the next question without further response.

The Supreme Court upheld the city’s anti-gay law in October last year.