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Singapore wants sex education in schools to promote heterosexual marriage

Singapore wants sex education in schools to promote heterosexual marriage

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A sex education programme for schools in Singapore is under fire for promoting ‘healthy heterosexual marriages‘.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) circulated a parental consent form last month for the ‘Growing Year Programme‘. Touted as a sex education resource, the letter told parents the programme would promote ‘healthy, heterosexual marriages and stable nuclear family units with extended family support.’

The programme will also teach students that abstaining from sex is the best way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancies.

‘Sexuality Education (SEd) in schools is about enabling students to understand the physiological, social and emotional changes they experience with members of the opposite sex,’ the letter read.

Gay sex is illegal in Singapore under section 377A. The city state is still dealing with the fallout after the online leak of the private data of more than 14,000 people living with HIV.

According to the MOE websites student are taught what ‘homosexuality is’ as part of the sex education curriculum. But they are also taught ‘the current legal provisions concerning homosexual acts in Singapore’.

The government has also tightened restrictions on the annual LGBTI festival, Pink Dot. It changed the laws so that only Singapore citizens and permanent residents could attend. The government also banned foreign companies from donating money to the event.

The letter was leaked onto Reddit in Singapore with many users criticizing the programme.

‘Sex ed needs… a bit of maturity I’d say,’ one user wrote.

‘The most fucked up part is the stable nuclear family unit and heterosexual marriage bs. Put that under social conditioning and brainwashing but not under sex ed please,’ another wrote.

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