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Singaporean rapper says response to coming out ‘amazing’

Singaporean rapper says response to coming out ‘amazing’

Singapore rapper The G3sha came out last week. (Photo: Facebook)

Singaporean rapper, Joshua Su aka The G3sha, has said his family’s response has been ‘amazing’ since he came out as gay in a new track last week.

‘I want to thank everyone for the support’ Su, who now lives in Hong Kong, said in a Facebook video.

‘My family’s response has been amazing’ the rapper said. ‘G-A-Y-B-O-Y OK’.

Su describes his childhood trauma coming to terms with his sexuality in his track I’m OK, which debuted Friday,

‘When I grow up, will I have kids?’ the rapper asks. ‘Must I be married to a woman with big tits? He also raps.

‘Am I sick? Is this a disease? Can I be cured?’

Coming out

The 34-year-old told the South China Morning Post how isolated he felt growing up in Singapore, where gay sex is illegal.

‘We didn’t have anyone to turn to. It was really tough. I just knew that being gay was not right.’

‘I saw how other effeminate boys were treated and the names they were called.’

‘All my friends will shun and laugh at me’ he raps in his new song.

He said he came to terms with his sexuality at the age of 27. But, suppressed feelings had already taken their toll. Su became depressed. He attempted to take his own life.

‘I thought that being gay was a sickness or a disease’ he said.

He told the Hong Kong-based newspaper the Stonewall anniversary and Taiwan’s legalization of same-sex marriage prompted him to come out.

Growing up gay in Singapore

Section 377A of Singapore’s Penal Code punishes sex between two men with up to two years in prison.

This month, the conservative city-state’s Prime Minister said the law would be in place ‘for some time’. But, he said, the city still welcomed everybody.

Authorities rarely enforce the law. But, the majority of Singapore citizens, who are largely religious and conservative, support keeping the law.