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Singer Andy Bell says Britain is failing gay kids on sex ed

Singer Andy Bell says Britain is failing gay kids on sex ed

Britain should make sex education compulsory for all school children as LGBT kids are often missing crucial information at present, says singer Andy Bell.

The openly gay and HIV positive singer from pop group Erasure was writing exclusively for Gay Star News today (7 May).

He is supporting the work of the UK’s HIV campaign organization, National AIDS Trust, for whom he will perform a charity gig in London on 30 May.

Bell writes: ‘I remember there being very little sex education at my school and I am disappointed this does not seem to have changed much since then.

‘Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is not a compulsory topic in the current national curriculum and the sex education that does happen often fails to discuss same-sex relationships. This needs to change!

‘Many LGBT youngsters are missing out on crucial information and advice that could allow them to make better-informed decisions about their sexual health.’

Deborah Jack, boss of National AIDS Trust, said: ‘NAT are pleased to see the issue of SRE in schools being raised and attracting attention. We echo what Andy Bell has said and want to see changes put into place so the school curriculum better supports LBGT youngsters, especially given that young gay men are so disproportionally affected by HIV.’

Bell publicly announced he is HIV positive on 17 December 2004, revealing he had been aware of this since 1998.

Gay Star News contacted the UK government’s Department for Education for a comment and is awaiting a response.