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Son discovers his dad is gay after seeing Scruff, DaddyHunt in app download history

Son discovers his dad is gay after seeing Scruff, DaddyHunt in app download history

This gay dad has shared his coming out story – and it'll make you wince

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most kids are more tech-savvy than adults.

A single father going through a divorce has had to learn this the hard way, after being inadvertently outed to his son after he discovered Scruff and DaddyHunt in his father’s app download history.

Taking to discussion website Reddit, the user named Thrwwyniner (T) revealed all about his ordeal in a now-deleted message. ‘This was not the way I wanted my kids to learn about his dad’s newfound sexuality,’ he said. ‘I feel like I’m going to puke.’

While the original post has been deleted, responses to it can still be read, including further messages from T, clarifying what happened.

Apple provided me with a function to hide the apps I downloaded, whether gay, violent or Grumpy Cat, and that hide function failed,’ he said. ‘I take full responsibility for downloading the apps but I also expect software to function as advertised.’

He further explained: ‘Apple’s family sharing… a parent is the primary account (and payee), the children have their own accounts that you can budget or require approval before purchasing. One cool part is that we can share each other’s apps. There’s a feature to hide apps from my download list… but it didn’t function as intended.

‘It wasn’t a communal account… it’s my account as the primary with the kids account tied to it for billing. That’s why I foolishly assumed the HIDE feature would actually hide my apps from my kids. I mean, there’s an app to remotely control a vibrator on that list too.’

On what happened next, T said: ’We had a brief exchange. I had the chance to tell him that however I am, it doesn’t change how I feel about him. He’s my son and I will always love him.

‘We will definitely need to have a one-on-one talk about this. Fortunately the kids have lots of positive gay/lesbian role models and we live in a liberal town so this won’t play out as a tragedy. I’m sure it’s still shocking to him.’

One user asked T whether the child’s mother knows about his sexuality. ‘I don’t know whether she knows yet but I’m sure she’s had her suspicions for years,’ he said.

One respondent said to him”: ‘That sucks, but what’s done is done. Apologize to your son that he had to find out that way but don’t apologize for who you are.’

Said a second: ‘Man, that really sucks – I applaud you for coming to terms with your sexuality, especially considering your situation. I can’t imagine how tough that is.

Taking a different line, another said the man was wrong to blame the tech giant: ‘This is your own fault. own it.’

User prfz32 said: ‘That sucks. I wish software makers would provide more granular options to ensure that certain content (including content relating to homosexuality) could be blocked from phone history. They could call it an Adult filter or something. I’m sorry the download hiding feature did not work as intended. Maybe try to ensure that your son doesn’t get those texts about what is downloaded anymore.’

Do you think this is a classic example of a kid being more tech savvy than their parent? Or do you agree with prfz32 that software providers should provide options for hiding certain content?

GSN has been approached Apple and T for comment.