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Sir Elton John adds hunks to his photo collection

Sir Elton John adds hunks to his photo collection

With a net worth of over $320 million, you’d figure Sir Elton John would own just about everything he could desire.

Apparently not, as the Tiny Dancer singer has added yet another set of photographs to his legendary collection, from photographer Ross Watson.

The collection, featuring several shots of semi-naked hunks, will be on display in Melbourne, Australia from January.

Watson caught up with Sir Elton and his son Zachary in Melbourne during the singer’s sell-out tour of Australia.

Sir Elton has one of the largest personal photography collections in the world, having spent millions of dollars on it since he began collecting in 1991. Thomas Southall, from Atlanta High Museum of Art, has stated: ‘Collecting is fundamentally about passion, and Sir Elton John has demonstrated an unparalleled drive for collecting high calibre works.’

Elton has even expressed a desire to set up a museum to show off his enormous collection, which currently sits in storage in two huge warehouses in London.

Talking about his collection, he said: ‘I never get fed up with looking at the images. I can honestly say that out of all the things I’ve collected in my life, nothing has endeared me more than collecting photography.’

Check out his two new acquisitions below: