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Siri and Alexa get married in weird ceremony and we have questions

Siri and Alexa get married in weird ceremony and we have questions

Two women holding cushions with Siri and Alexa.

This sounds like the plot of a new AI romcom, but it really happened in Vienna.

Virtual assistants Siri and Alexa, who normally have female voices and are perceived as female, got married in the magic Belvedere Palace in the Austrian capital.

Surrounded by their queer friends, the two AIs got carried down the aisle to pronounce their vows. Viennese LGBTI celebrities Pandora Nox and Laksmi Wuggenigand were the bridesmaids.

Siri and Alexa’s wedding

According to their joint Instagram profile, the wedding took place on 2 April. After the ceremony, the brides went for a chariot tour around town.

Watch the video below:

What is it all about?

This unusual sci-fi meets romcom marriage was an initiative by Serviceplan Campaign and Plan.Net Campaign from Munich. Together with the Vienna Tourist Board and Vangardist Magazine, they were responsible for this spectacular and colourful staging.

The wedding ceremony was made possible by the Alexa Skill The Pride Skill, developed by Plan.Net Innovation Studio. This is officially available in the Amazon Skill Store.

The capital will host EuroPride next June. The LGBTI festival will be the first celebration since the law on marriage equality entered into force in January 2019.

Vienna Tourist Board Director of Tourism Norbert Kettner explains: ‘It is a true pleasure and honor to host EuroPride in Vienna from 1-16 June 2019.’

‘Vienna is a cosmopolitan kaleidoscope – a modern world city, where different lifestyles, diversity and respect are actively lived and where our many differences are perceived as our greatest strength.’

He also added: ‘EuroPride, with its multifaceted program, is the perfect occasion to celebrate and explore a city that has emerged from being a hidden gem to become a hot spot for the LGBT community.’

Mixed reactions

But not all social media users were happy.

While some praised the aesthetic of the video, others took to social media to criticize the campaign.

‘Is this a sort of promotional thing to settle siri and Alexa in one I.A or what? Because i don’t get it,’ one user said.

‘OMG THEY ARE TAGGING THIS AS LGBT. This is so grossly tone deaf. Please delete this account, your targeted audience will hate this. You will be flayed for disgusting marketing,’ someone said on Instagram.

‘This is ultimate corporate weirdness,’ another said.

Many others just commented by using one, or several, facepalm emoji.

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