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Six men arrested in Nigeria for the ‘crime’ of gay sex

Six men arrested in Nigeria for the ‘crime’ of gay sex

Six gay men were arrested in Benin City, Nigeria

Nigerian police have arrested six men for the ‘crime’ of having gay sex.

Musa Daura, the Assistant Inspector General of Police, boasted to media about the arrest of the ‘gang’. They had been caught by anti-vice officials in Benin City, the Edo state capital.

He claims the six men, all in the young 20s, had ‘confessed’ to committing the ‘crime of homosexuality’ since 2006.

The youngest of the six, who is 20, has come forward to claim he had been raped by the leader of the ‘gang’, who is 24.

He claimed he was on the way home from a birthday party when he was approached by the 24-year-old.

‘I said that I could pass the night at his place,’ he told media. ‘That night, he touched me. In the course shouting at him, he penetrated me and it got me sick. He said that if I told anybody, he knows where to find me and my family, that he would kill me.’

While unconfirmed, GSN sources believe he was pushed to say this either because he was promised a more lenient sentence or police lied and said his name would be out of the media. The six men were friends, with even police officers admitting to media they were in ‘cliques’ or a ‘gang’.

Daura added: ‘You would agree with me that this offence is an offence against humanity and nature, an abominable act that should be condemned in every ramification by all.’

In southern Nigeri, where the men will be charged, homosexuality is punishable with up to 14 years in prison. In northern Nigeria, the punishment is death.