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Trans activist creates special artwork for Skittles to celebrate Pride

Trans activist creates special artwork for Skittles to celebrate Pride

Trans non-binary filmmaker and activist Fox Fisher.

Trans non-binary activist Fox Fisher has created a beautiful artwork to help Skittles celebrate Pride season.

Skittles have released four new Pride packet designs by four LGBTI artists, each with a story behind them.

Four special packets for Pride season

For the last three years Skittles, the Mars Wrigley brand, have given up their usual vibrantly colorful rainbow packs to mark Pride.

Ahead of this Pride season, Skittles collaborated with four artists, asking them to create a piece of art in response to the question ‘What does Pride mean to you?’ 

‘My Skittles pack is a global message of love,’ explained Fisher.

Moreover, the English filmmaker and artist revealed which famous gay artist is their inspiration.

‘I love Andy Warhol. Not only was he a prolific screen printer, he made films too, just like me,’ they also said.

What’s Fox’s Skittles pack like?

Skittles pack designed by Fox Fisher.
Photo: Skittles

Fox’s artwork for Skittles is a special version of the Pride flag. The usual six stripes are made up of several stylised animal couples – no gender or labels, just love.

‘The creatures are all really different, just like us. I want people to know that it doesn’t matter who you are, love is universal,’ Fisher said.

The Brighton-based artist has also shared with Gay Star News what their favorite Pride outfit is. It turns out it was museum-worthy.

‘One of my very first trans pride outfits is now a display piece in the Brighton and Hove museum, the city where the UK’s trans pride is held, so I think that’s pretty fabulous,’ Fisher also explained.

Fisher was among the organizers of the first Pride celebrating the trans community in the UK, held in Brighton in 2012.

‘They have my black boots, my black short shorts, my trans pride vest. It was hard to give up the outfit, but a great legacy moment for trans pride which I helped to found seven years ago.’

Trans Pride was powerful

Trans Pride Brighton. Photo: @Noomoid Twitter

And Fisher’s best Pride moment is strictly linked to that beautiful day of community and trans allyship which is Trans Pride.

‘My favorite Pride moment is being totally overwhelmed by how many attended the first UK trans Pride. In a good way,’ they said.

‘We only had two months to pull it all together, and we were only expecting a couple of hundred to come. So when we arrived and over a thousand attended, it was amazing.’

Fisher also described Trans Pride as ‘a labor of love’ as it’s the volunteers’ efforts that make it possible every year.

They furthermore added: ‘It was a happy day, to celebrate a day, as us. Before we only had Trans Day Of Remembrance. That’s important too, but a trans pride is a day to celebrate who we all are. It felt powerful.’

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