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Skittles debut new design to celebrate Pride through the joy of dancing

Skittles debut new design to celebrate Pride through the joy of dancing

Maia Boakye and their Skittles pack design.

Maia Boakye is a Canadian illustrator and is one of the LGBTI artists that Skittles have worked with this year to create the 2019 Skittles Pride Packs.

Skittles have released four new packs designed by four LGBTI artists, each with a story behind them and each in celebration of Pride. 

Four special packets for Pride season

For the last three years Skittles, the Mars Wrigley brand, have given up their usual vibrantly colorful rainbow packs to mark Pride.

Ahead of this Pride season, Skittles collaborated with four artists, asking them to create a piece of art in response to the question ‘What does Pride mean to you?’ 

Queer artist Maia Boakye designed one of the packs drawing inspiration from the celebration of dance.

‘Even if it’s not directly about being queer, it comes through. I can’t make art without being influenced by your identity,’ they told Gay Star News about their own art.

‘It’s not a choice, it comes with being queer the things you create are going to be part of it. It makes my work stronger and gives me a different lens to look through the world.’

What’s Boakye’s Skittles pack like?

Photo: Skittles

Boakye used the six colors of the Pride flag to create a tangling gathering of people dancing.

‘Dance is so special and connected to Pride especially here in Toronto,’ they said.

‘When I moved back I realized I needed to get better, it made me want to push myself to dance and push myself to get better. So my pack was designed on the togetherness of dance. When you don’t know what you’re doing.’

Their design conveys the carefree atmosphere of Pride when one can be unapologetically themselves.

‘It made me feel good about being me,’ they said of the first Pride they’ve ever attended.

‘I was in Vancouver with a friend, we went to a bunch of events in the city went to the beach, went to see the parade. We just walked around and saw the city. One of those weeks where we tried to push ourselves to do as much as we could.’

Be an example for others

Boakye admits being still new to Pride, but they explained they want to be an example for other queer people attending the celebrations.

‘One of the reasons I go to Pride is to express myself but also be that example for others,’ they said.

‘One of my favorite quotes is along the lines of “Do you remember that queer person you saw being authentically themselves? You’re that for someone else.”‘

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