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Manchester-based gay artist designs Skittles pack in celebration of Pride

Manchester-based gay artist designs Skittles pack in celebration of Pride

Tom Wolski holding his limited edition design for Skittles.

London-based artist Tom Wolski has created a limited edition design for Skittles as part of the Skittles 2019 Pride Campaign.

Skittles have released four new Pride packs designs by four LGBTI artists, each with a story behind them.

Four special Skittles packets for Pride season

For the last three years Skittles, the Mars Wrigley brand, have given up their usual vibrantly colorful rainbow packs to mark Pride.

Ahead of this Pride season, Skittles collaborated with four artists, asking them to create a piece of art in response to the question ‘What does Pride mean to you?’ 

‘My Skittles pack represents the craziness, the chaos, the busyness, the madness of Pride,’ Wolski told Gay Star News.

He lists Tracy Emmin, Grayson Perry, Lady Gaga, and Ru Paul as his main inspirations.

‘I present things in the way I want so I can be more cheeky,’ he continued.

‘My work is pictures in pictures, hidden treasures, messages and secrets.’

What’s Wolski’s Skittles pack like?

Skittles pack created by Tom Wolski.

Wolski’s Skittle pack embraces all those layers of queerness in a black and white design where each time you’ll be able to spot new details.

‘It’s about laughter, fun, singing, dancing, people, just like my artwork. Every time you look you see something completely different,’ he said.

‘Love laughter, food, drink, chaos, but I love that.’

Pride before the smartphone era

Wolski’s first Pride includes all that madness, minus the selfie craze.

‘My first pride in Manchester when I was 20. There was a mixture of my friends,’ he said.

‘Seeing so many different people in one place, in the era before the iPhone, it is exciting and shocking. It’s like being with family and friends, you feel yourself. Four days of absolutely being yourself.’

‘It’s a place people find out about themselves. And the candlelight vigil is always really moving,’ he also said, referring to the annual vigil at Manchester Pride.

‘If you can feel as happy and good as you do at Pride all year round, then you are winning.’

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