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Snapchat’s new Digital Pride floats make Pride happen before your eyes, wherever you are

Snapchat’s new Digital Pride floats make Pride happen before your eyes, wherever you are

  • Snapchat’s lens creators have teamed up with GSN’s Digital Pride and AMV BBDO to create the festival floats.
The Digital Pride floats placed over the beach in the LGBT+ friendly city of Brighton, England.

Snapchat users will be able to make Pride happen before their eyes with new augmented reality (AR) festival floats.

The project is a collaboration between creative agency AMV BBDO, GSN’s Digital Pride and Snapchat and its Official Lens Creator community.

The virtual Digital Pride Floats bring the fun of Pride into your lounge, kitchen, back garden or onto the streets.

Each AR float has two parts. Snapchatters can place individual Pride floats into anything they are looking at. And if they turn their phone around to take a selfie, they can transform their face with a Pride makeover.

The Digital Pride floats on screens.
Take Pride wherever you are with the floats. GSN AMV BBDO
A Pride makeover with the Digital Pride Floats.
Use the floats to give yourself a Pride makeover. GSN AMV BBDO

A Pride of the future

You can find the floats by searching ‘DigitalPride Float’ on Snapchat. Or you can open directly via the float snapcodes within the platform or in the image below. They go live tomorrow (1 August).

Snapchat codes.
Scan the codes to use the floats. GSN AMV BBDO

Official Lens Creator, Joshua Keeney, brought his alter ego ‘Neptune’ to life in his spectacular, futuristic float.

He sees the floats as the start of using technology to make Pride even better in the future:

“[It’s] an opportunity to create not just a Pride that brings people together in the present when we can’t be together – but also a Pride of the future. One that embraces technologies and new mediums for exploring and celebrating identity.”  

Meanwhile Clara Bacou, the Official Lens Creator behind the bright and playful Pride Parrot float agrees: 

‘Being part of the Pride and Digital Pride floats campaign brings me a lot of joy. The experiences I have had growing up attending this festival are some of my favourite memories.

‘I’m so fond of this idea of being able to heighten the love online with AR. [It will] lift anyone who may be physically separated from larger communities or festivals to still share who they are and have their moment to celebrate.’

The Digital Pride floats on phone screens.
Five designers each created their own Digital Pride Float. GSN AMV BBDO

Creative solutions in 2020

Ant Eagle and Claire Gordon-Webster are the brains behind the project from creative agency AMV BBDO. They initially conceived it as a way to support Digital Pride and keep Pride alive this year. But now they are looking forward to developing it further in the years to come.

Ant said: ‘Pride is my favourite time of the year, it’s an amazing platform for expression and creativity. 2020 has seen many challenges but also many creative solutions.

‘Pride is so important to me as a proud gay man, it’s not just a celebration it’s a sense of community and belonging. So to be part of a team that’s created something new and assembles the whole community is awesome. It’s a testament to “Love always wins”.’ 

A Pride millions can take part in

The Digital Pride Floats take to the streets.
The Digital Pride Floats take to the streets. GSN AMV BDDO

The team worked with a diverse group of Snapchat’s Official Lens Creators to capture the spirit of Pride. However, Snapchat, AMV and GSN hope to expand the project in the coming year, introducing more designs and doing more with them.

GSN created Digital Pride in 2016 as the first ever completely online Pride festival for LGBT+ people. Since then it’s reached tens of millions of people each year.

A truly global event, it’s reached people in 240 countries, including those which criminalize and persecute LGBT+ people and where having an ‘in real life’ (IRL) Pride is just too dangerous.

Scott Nunn, co-founder of Digital Pride and GSN, said: ‘Digital Pride was the first totally online Pride festival. We have always found innovative ways LGBT+ people around the world can connect and take part.

‘The new Snapchat floats are a fantastic example of that. They are a great way of celebrating our community and making it visible online. And that’s so important, particularly for people who are still struggling with their sexuality or who can’t attend an IRL Pride.

‘We are looking forward to continuing to work with the amazing people at AMV and Snapchat to take the spirit of Pride to even more people in the months and years to come.’

2020 has been a particularly tough year for Pride organizers. At least 450 Prides around the world have cancelled or postponed their events due to the pandemic.

Our Digital Pride GIPHY stickers

However, GSN’s original Digital Pride has never been about replacing these IRL Prides. Instead, it’s all about taking the spirit of Pride further and allowing millions more people to connect online, while also supporting physical events.

That’s why Ant and Claire created ‘Sticking with Pride’ in addition to the Pride Floats.

Sticking with Pride is a set of 180+ Digital Pride GIPHY stickers, based on all the different Pride Flags. Users can embed them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond to show their Pride virtually.

Launched over the main Pride weekend in June, the sticker range has proven massively popular, reaching over 40 million views within the first month.

The new Digital Pride Giphy stickers in use.
Just search Digital Pride and then add the stickers to your stories. AMV BBDO GSN
Stick with Pride message with rainbow Giphy stickers.
You can use our Giphy Digital Pride stickers to stick with Pride. AMV BBDO GSN