‘So long gay Bowser!’ Voice of Mario finally clarifies 23 year-old secret

Super Mario 64

The voice actor for Mario has finally clarified a burning question many Nintendo fans have been wondering for 23 years.

In Super Mario 64, on gaming console Nintendo 64, there exists a boss battle between Mario and Bowser.

During the battle, the Italian plumber picks up Bowser, swings him around and throws him into an exploding bomb. But as he releases Bowser’s tail, he says something and no one’s ever been quite sure what.

Some people believe he says ‘So long King Bowser’ or ‘So long aye Bowser’.

But a lot of people think he is actually saying: ‘So long gay Bowser!’

So what does Mario actually say?

Now Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario — also the voice of Wario, Luigi, Waluigi, Baby Luigi, Baby Mario — has clarified what it was.

A Nintendo fan took to Twitter last night (28 April) to seek the long-awaited clarification.

‘Important question, @CharlesMartinet,’ one Twitter user wrote. ‘Does Mario say “So long, Bowser!” or “So long, King Bowser!” in Super Mario 64 when he throws Bowser?’

Martinet simply responded: ‘So long kinga Bowser!’

The extra syllable in ‘king’ plays off Mario’s Italian accent.

The revelation prompted Twitter users (many of who identify as LGBTI) to express their disappointment that Mario didn’t say ‘gay’.

One Twitter user posted: ‘I still hear “So long, gay bowser” lmao’

Another tweeted: ‘It will always forever be “So long, gay bowser”‘

Then another longingly pointed out: ‘It’s actually “So long gay Bowser!”. Super Mario 64 is the first game to implement an LGBT character.’

‘I listened to that line in the video for at least 50+ times, still sounds like “So long, Gay Bowser”. Doesn’t sound anything like “king bowser” / “kinga bowser”,’ another pointed out.

Super Mario 64 first came out in 1996.

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