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Sochi mayor advertises 'straightest ever Winter Olympics' in YouTube parody hit

'Come to Sochi' video parodies upcoming homophobic Russian Winter Olympics

Sochi mayor advertises 'straightest ever Winter Olympics' in YouTube parody hit

A new YouTube video advertising the 2014 Sochi ‘Straightlympics’ has been making the rounds on Twitter, poking fun at the upcoming controversial Winter Olympics in Russia.

The animated short, produced by #Mashed, features a satirical version of the mayor of Sochi advertising how his city will be hosting the ‘straightest ever Winter Olympics’.

Accompanied by his sidekicks, Cruisin’ and Grindr, the mayor explains how the rules for some of the sports will be changed to avoid any ‘homosexual hanky-panky’.

The changes include having the all-men’s bobsleigh team sit ‘man-woman-man-woman’, to avoid any same sex contact.

Skiing will only be allowed in a straight line, to avoid any ‘mincing through poles’.

The mayor also announces that ‘curling’ will be renamed ‘straighting’, and adds ‘cleaning is women’s work’.

The mayor then explains that women like ‘red blooded men’ whilst gunning down some woodland wildlife.

Finally, the video ends with the mayor saying ‘Come to Sochi…but not if homosexuals. Simples.’

The video has become a hit on social networks after being shared by British entertainer and gay icon Stephen Fry.

The upcoming Winter Olympics have faced controversy due to the recent passing of anti-gay laws in Russia.

Watch the video here:

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