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Social media reports growing number of hateful anti-gay messages following Trump victory

'Gay families = burn in hell. Trump 2016'

Social media reports growing number of hateful anti-gay messages following Trump victory
Twitter / Shaun King
A gay couple in North Carolina found a note saying 'Gay families = burn in hell'

More anti-LGBTI notes are turning up across the United States.

Following Donald Trump’s election as US President, New York Daily News editor Shaun King has been collating reports of attacks and threats made against Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and other minorities.

One tweet includes a homophobic note a North Carolina couple say was left on their car.

‘Can’t wait until your “marriage” is overturned by a real president,’ it reads.

‘Gay families = burn in hell. #Trump 2016. #REPENT #GODBLESS’

It’s not the only instance of anti-LGBTI hate speech, and it’s not limited to small-town, rural America.

On Facebook, the LGBT Pink Panthers Movement shared an image of a flyer which had been left on a car in New York City.

It wasn’t specified which neighborhood, but the post describes it as one of the city’s areas popular with LGBTI citizens.

‘So, father homo – how does it feel to have Trump as your president,’ it reads.

‘At least he’s got a set of balls. They’ll pull marriage back to where God wants it and take yours away.

‘America’s gonna take care of your faggity ass.’

The page urges its users to ‘stay vigilant, stay safe! The enemy is out an looking to make victims of our queer community.’

The messages follow a number of public attacks, threats and even more messages, directed at all minority groups as well as women.

In the early hours of Thursday, 10 November, a gay couple in West Virginia was woken by a knock on their door, only to find a note on their porch reading: ‘Trump is our president now! Get out of our neighborhood now FAGGOTS!!’

Speaking to Gay Star News, they said while it wasn’t the first time they experienced homophobia, it was the first time they were confronted with such a direct expression.

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