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How social network Blued is changing the rules for gay apps

A major new print and tube campaign encourages users to ‘break the grid’

How social network Blued is changing the rules for gay apps
Break yourself out of the grid with Blued

SPONSORED: Gay Star News talks to Milan Desai, the Creative Director of gay social network Blued, about its new marketing campaign.

What was the idea behind the new campaign?

‘Break The Grid’ is our exciting launch campaign. I believe we are approaching a new stage in our community, where it is more about the connections we make and less about being ‘clique-y’.

Blued’s ‘Break The Grid’ campaign communicates just that. We are much more than a grid. We’re about meaningful connections and providing a safe social network where you can be yourself and meet others – without swiping left or right.

It will be appearing across mainstream LGBTQA+ publications from Attitude to HisKind magazine; and also is featured across main London tube stops, so everyone can see it in all it’s glory during Pride in London.

We’re also proud to announce that the campaign is now running across France also!

Some people might think Blued is a dating-style app rather than a social network – can you explain briefly how it differs to other apps that are out there?

At first look, we can see why people would think that: you log in to Blued and see a grid. This automatically (thank you other dating/hook-up apps) rings alarm bells in one’s mind.

This is why the concept of Breaking the Grid was important to us: as you start navigating the app and you will see how rich it is, we truly go beyond the grid.

We have verified profile pictures, because we want to offer a safe space in this age of internet abuse and fake profiles; a live streaming feature that focuses on users’ talents rather than their bodies; and also offering a wider range of users in terms of community representation (drag queens and trans people for example) which is just the first step in our long paved road of inclusiveness.

Our aim is, and always has been, to challenge existing preconceptions of what other gay apps have to offer their users.

It’s about being yourself and connecting with real people about the things that matter to you, rather than what your community expects you to be like.

Can you tell us more about the live streaming?

Blued Live is our live streaming function.

We want our official broadcasts to represent the community as a whole, in it’s uniqueness and variety. This is how we selected who to work with. We wanted to ensure there would be something for everyone.

For the health-conscious we offer yoga classes and NHS Q&A sessions, dance classes for the more energetic one, a whole world of drag performers and make-up tutorials for the fabulous diva inside you, singers rehearsals, and a plethora of live events being broadcasted, so that anyone that is not located in a big city is still able to see what the wider gay world is up to.

We will be live streaming on Sink The Pink’s epic float at Pride in London, amongst other floats – so watch Blued Live to get a peep at all the action.

The Blued app has undergone some updates: what sort of feedback have you been getting from users?

We are constantly working on bettering ourselves and providing a better service to our community.

Some feedback we received was about too many messages pouring through accounts – but we can’t stop people from being popular! What we have done is create a message request inbox so that your conversations don’t get flooded by messages from strangers.

After all, we like our things nice and neat.

A rather large update has seen us geofence the algorithm, ultimately giving access to content and users that are much closer to you.

We are so grateful (and eager for) the valuable feedback we have received from our users, and we will keep on trying to improve our app until we reach the perfect set up that our users want and need.

Blued is available for iOS and Android. Make sure to check their latest blog posts here and to follow them on Facebook.

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