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From ‘sodomy’ to ‘marrying pets’, play gay marriage bingo

From ‘sodomy’ to ‘marrying pets’, play gay marriage bingo

Finally! Lord Norman Tebbit has used the term ‘lesbian Queen’. Full house!

Yes, Britain’s upper chamber of parliament is to debate the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill for England and Wales – and it’s time to play House of Lords #EqualMarriage Bingo.

Forget two fat ladies or legs 11, this is bingo gone crazy from ‘bestiality’ to ‘polygamy’ to ‘marrying your son’.

It’s been invented by leading British gay and lesbian campaign organization Stonewall to poke fun at the extremists in the Lords who wish to derail LGBT marriage equality.

The debate is starting later today (3 June) and will run late into the night before restarting for the big vote tomorrow.

Equal marriage has already been backed by the elected House of Commons but the upper chamber has far more vocal opponents and the vote is likely to be almost as exciting as the bingo game.