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Bastille Day killer: ‘Soldier of Islam’ used dating sites to date both men and women

Bastille Day killer: ‘Soldier of Islam’ used dating sites to date both men and women

Mohammed Bouhlel made homemade sex tapes with both men and women

The terrorist who drove a 19-tonne truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France, reportedly used dating sites to meet both men and women for sex.

Mohamed Labouaiej Bouhlel, 37, was described as a ‘soldier of Islam’ by ISIS.

He murdered 84 people, including many children, after the fireworks had just finished near the Promenade des Anglais – a few hundred metres from the LGBTI area of Nice.

Shot dead by police, his phone was picked up by officers who have been investigating his motivations and accomplices.

Seven suspects are currently in custody for their links with Bouhlel.

French media reported on Sunday that Bouhlel’s phone is full of messages, videos and photographs, including ones of men and women he had recently slept with.

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Matrix Pictures

‘The testimony which investigators are relying on most is that of the mobile phone,’ reported the BFM TV news channel.

Two hundred officers are investigating the data found on the phone. There were many selfies, and he would like to make homemade sex tapes with his partners.

While he would visit gyms and salsa bars, he would also visit websites showing pictures of executions.

‘The busy sex life of a man who had recently discovered a religious faith is shown by the data on the device,’ BFM added, noting the terrorist had only started visiting a mosque in April.

Bouhlel, who was a divorced father of three, also used his phone to communicate with people who supplied him weapons for the Bastille Day attack.

Psychiatrist Chamseddine Hamouda told the BBC the Tunisian-born, French passport-holding Bouhlel became ‘depressed’ when his wife left him for exhibiting ‘violent behavior’ towards his family. Bouhlel was regularly in trouble with the law, but was not on a terrorist watch list.