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Someone is using Meghan Trainor for an anti-marriage equality ad

Someone is using Meghan Trainor for an anti-marriage equality ad

Meghan Trainor

Uh-oh. Weeks before Australia’s public survey on marriage equality, people are speaking up on both sides. This week, an unexpected name was thrown into the mix: American singer Meghan Trainor.

Someone spotted a Facebook group against marriage equality and noticed they were using a rather familiar face in their ad.

Check it out for yourself.

It’s a picture of Trainor with the words: ‘My vote is no. You need to let it go.’

The picture (definitely Photoshopped) is a play on Trainor’s song No. The real lyrics go: ‘My name is No, my sign is No, my number is No, you need to let it go.’

Naturally, she took to Twitter to set the record straight.

She’s emphatic about her support of marriage equality. She also says it’s ‘so wrong’ and ‘not okay’ someone is illegally using her picture like this.

The singer quickly followed up with another tweet.

‘Everyone should be able to love who they want,’ she wrote. ‘I support equality, period.’

We couldn’t agree more!

So there you have it. Meghan Trainor definitely supports marriage equality in Australia (and presumably worldwide) and no one should fall for the deceptive ad.

Last chance to enrol to vote

It is the last day for Australians to enrol to vote or update their electoral details ahead of the postal.

Aussies outside of Australia anytime between September 7 and November 12, read this information about how you can vote.

People can call the Australian Bureau of Statistics directly on 1800 572 113 to confirm their enrolment and address over the phone. The overseas number is +61 2 6252 5262.