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Son of Wisconsin governor acts as a witness to same-sex marriage

Son of Wisconsin governor acts as a witness to same-sex marriage

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker might no longer publicly announce his position on gay marriage, but one of his sons doesn’t mind participating in one.

On 9 June Alex Walker, a rising University of Wisconsin-Madison sophomore, was one of the two required witnesses to the marriage of Shelli Marquardt and Cathy Priem.

According to the  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Marquardt is a cousin to Alex Walker’s mother, the state’s First Lady Tonette Walker.

On 6 June, US District Court Judge Barbara Crabb struck down the state’s ban on marriage equality. On 13 June, she issued a stay on her decision as it’s reviewed by the 7th Circuit Court.

Sixty of the state’s 72 counties provided LGBTI marriage certificates since 9 June.

Ever since Crabb’s ruling, Governor Walker has not given a statement. In the past the Republican has voiced disapproval of gay marriage, but now is keeping mum out of respect for the legal process.

‘It really doesn’t matter what I think now,’ Walker told Fox 7.

When asked if he was rethinking his position Walker replied, ‘No I’m just not stating one at all.’

The rumored 2016 candidate for the GOP presidential nomination will have an opportunity tomorrow, 6 July, to congratulate the happy couple. As reported by the Journal Sentinel, Marquardt and Priem are listed as hosts, along with the governor and first lady, of the Independence Day barbecue.

The event will be held at Wisconsin’s Executive residence.

Marquardt and Priem have both made donations to Walker’s past campaigns.