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Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman plays transsexual ex-con in new film

3,2,1 Frankie Go Boom also features Perlman's TV stepson Charlie Hunnam

 Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman plays transsexual ex-con in new film

On the long-running FX drama Sons of Anarchy, Ron Perlman and Charlie Hunnam play members of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club.

Fans of the show who are used to seeing the actors playing testosterone-charged bikers will be in for quite a surprise when they see the new film 3,2,1 Frankie Go Boom in which both have featured roles.

The biggest departure is Perlman’s who portrays Phyllis, a transsexual ex-con in the farcical comedy due out in theaters next month (12 October).

‘As I’m reading it I’m imagining all these people who follow Sons and this dynamic of these two high-testosterone, bad-ass, macho-men outlaws,’ Perlman tells TheWrap.  ‘The door opens and the first thing that happens is Clay Morrow [his character on Sons] is a chick. I said no matter what I do with the performance, it’s worth it just to get that reaction from our hardcore fans.’

‘It’s something that was outside my bailiwick,’ he added. ‘I probably worked harder on Phyllis than I do on most character because it was so outside of my comfort zone. I spent a full day just reading it, taking notes, reading it again, taking notes, rehearsing out loud in my house. I never do that with characters, but with Phyllis I did to try her on for size.’

Hunnam plays the title role in the film, a struggling writer whose brother records with a video camera Frankie’s failed sexual encounter with a woman and posts it online.

Perlman’s character serves as something of a ‘fairy godmother’to Hunnam’s character.

‘He’s just all man that guy, verging on cave man,’ Hunnam says. ‘To try to pretty him up and put him in a silk blouse and some lipstick seemed so deliciously ludicrous. We had to go for it.’

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