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South Africa gay man stoned to death

South Africa gay man stoned to death

A gay man was reportedly stoned to death in South Africa this week.

The body of Skumbuzo Harold Mkefile, 24, was discovered by a passerby in Booysens Park, Port Elizabeth on Tuesday (23 September).

He was found lying half naked in a field surrounded by bloody rocks and stones. His head was reportedly smashed in. Tattered women’s clothing was also found near his body.

The Afrikaans Son newspaper was told, and reported by Mamba Online, that his friends and family believe he was targeted ‘because he was openly gay and often wore women’s clothing’.

‘I miss him already,’ Asanda Ngono, Mkefile’s best friend said. ‘I do not know why it was time that he had to go.’

This is merely the latest in a long line of hate crimes against LGBTI people in South Africa.

In August, 18-year-old lesbian Gift Makau was found raped and strangled in Ventersdorp.

Jabu Pereira, director of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex human rights organisation Iranti-org, said:

‘These heinous crimes have to end. Our government must invest in public education programmes aimed at changing public attitudes.’