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South Korea women overwhelmingly support gay marriage, men not so much

South Korea women overwhelmingly support gay marriage, men not so much

Korea's first gay married couple are challenging the country's marriage laws.

An overwhelming majority of women in South Korea support gay marriage while half their male counterparts are opposed to it, a new survey has found.

Matchmaking website Duo asked 616 people their views on gay marriage between 25 July and 1 August.

Nearly 70% of female respondents agreed with the statement ‘same-sex marriage is acceptable,’ while 50.2% of men were against legalizing gay marriage.

The majority of respondents who supported of gay marriage said they did so because marriage was a personal choice (67.5%), 13.6% said sexual orientation was determined by nature and 12% said it would help end discrimination.

The Kimchi Queen blog noted that the reasons against gay marriage were more varied.

Two in ten said it could ‘aggravate confusion about one’s personal sexual identity’ (21.9%) or ’cause social confusion (21%).

Some 14.7% of respondents said sexual orientation was a learned behavior, while 12.5% of respondents said they disliked gay marriage ‘for no particular reason.’

Nearly 28% of respondents said if a family member, friend, or acquaintance come out, they would treat them the same as before.

The most common response among women was ‘I would understand and support them’ (36.4%), while the majority of male respondents said they would have to ‘seriously think about it.’

Only 12.8% of male respondents said that they had met an openly gay person, compared to 48.3% of women, which could go to explain why men were less supportive of marriage equality.

Korea does not recognize gay marriage or civil unions. A celebrity gay couple’s suit against the conservative country’s marriage laws started last month – the first legal challenge of its kind.