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South Korean writer fined for tricking people into donating to LGBTI cause

South Korean writer fined for tricking people into donating to LGBTI cause

Eun ha-sun fined for tricking LGBTI cause

A feminist writer and outspoken LGBTI advocate Eun Ha-Sun has been fined 2 million won ($1768.35/£1383.29) after she tricked people into donating to an LGBTI cause on social media.

The incident started when South Korean topical show Candid Men and Women – on EBS – aired two episodes surrounding LGBTI issues in December 2017 and January 2018.

There was massive backlash against the episodes from religious groups. Eun, who stars in the show, and her producer in particular faced heavy criticism.

According to the Korean Herald, she responded on Facebook: ‘Dear children of God who oppose homosexuality. The producer’s contact number of ‘Candid Men and Women’ has been changed. Make sure to text to this number: #2540-6550.’

The number mislead 90 people into donating 3000 won ($2.65/£2.07) each to the Seoul Queer Culture Festival. The donation amounts reached nearly 440,000 won ($389.07/£304.36).

Guilty of fraud

Seoul Western District Court found her guilt of fraud in a summary order on Monday (19 November) and has now been fined 2 million won ($1768.66/£1383.47).

However, Eun Ha-sun has claimed she will appeal the ruling.

She told the Herald that it was obvious the post should not be taken seriously: ‘It wouldn’t make sense for someone who had been on the show for a year to share a producer’s personal phone number or encourage people to text complaints.

‘If you searched the number on either Naver or Google, you would have known that it was the donation number for the Seoul Queer Culture Festival.’

She added: ‘I know it would have been unpleasant to find out that you donated for a cause you don’t want to support.’

The paper claims a religious group is seeking to file a civil suit against her for the post.

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