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28 photos that show how Southern Decadence earned its name

28 photos that show how Southern Decadence earned its name

Model and go-go dancer Seth Fornea (left) and friends at Southern Decadence

From small beginnings back in the early 1970s, Southern Decadence has grown to become New Orlean’s biggest, annual LGBTI gathering. It now attracts around 200,00 party goers.

The six-day event culminates with a parade through the city’s historic French Quarter on the Sunday before Labor Day. Much of the action is centered around Bourbon Street.

Despite some fears toward the end of August that Hurricane Harvey might dampen this year’s event, New Orleans remained largely unscathed by the cataclysmic weather conditions that hit neighboring Texas so hard last week.

Huge numbers of revelers took to the streets and bars, with taking the ‘Electrified’ theme as an excuse to don ‘All colors in Neon’.

Check out some highlights below.

1. Cheeky displays

2. What a hoopla!

3. Who’s your daddy?

4. Beads were everyone’s favorite fashion accessory

5. Bourbon Street

6. Working it backstage

7. Low-key pool attire…

8. Bitch, please!

9. Somewhere over the rainbow

10. Unicorn horn and neon tutu? Why not?

11. Just stunning

12. Going for gold

13. How best to deal with extremist religious protestors who’ve come to rain on your parade

14. Um, you left your rollers in…

15. A cheeky kiss

16. Can he breathe in those shorts?

17. We’re not in Sitges anymore, Toto…

18. These gay dads took their oldest son

19. Decadence dudes

20. Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears joins the fun

21. Just…. Wow

22. A ‘blessing’ of unicorns

23. More beads? Yes please!

24. Satisfied at Southern Decadence

25. Looking fierce in the fire lane

26. Strike a pose

27. The perfect view

28. See you next year!