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Spain’s new PM appoints two gay ministers to cabinet

Spain’s new PM appoints two gay ministers to cabinet

Spain’s newly installed government has appointed two openly gay men as cabinet ministers.

It’s the first time the country has had such a large LGBT representation in the government’s cabinet office.

Mariano Rajoy, the previous prime minister, stepped down last week. He left following a vote of no confidence. He was replaced by Pedro Sanchez, who put together a new cabinet team.

Gay ex judge and a journalist take up positions in cabinet

Fernando Grande Marlaska has taken up the role of Spain’s new interior minister, and Maxim Huerta, is Spain’s new minister of culture and sports.

Fernando Marlaska takes ministerial oath to join Spanish cabinet. Photo: Spanish Government

Marlaska is a former judge and hard liner against the now-disbanded Basque terrorist group ETA. He will of Spain’s local and regional police forces as well as the national Guardia Civil.

Huerta is a journalist and award-winning author, and his role will be to oversee Spain’s museums, libraries, arts, and cultural programming needs. He will also be in charge of the nation’s various sports bodies and programs.

Maxim Huerta, controversial appointment. Photo: Spanish Government

Huerta’s appointment has proved controversial. He immediately faced calls for his resignation over claims that he had previously insulted women, Catalans and sports fans.

In a tweet from 2010, Mr Huerta said: “I shit on damned [Catalan] independence.” The Times newspaper reported.

Prime minister Sanchez has also appointed 11 women to the cabinet, which means Spain now has one of the most Female and LGBT friendly governments in the world.

King Felipe VI swore all 17 new cabinet ministers into office.

Europe now has at least five openly LGBT leaders, including the prime ministers of Belgium, Iceland, Ireland (Taoiseach), Luxembourg and Serbia.