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This cute kiss between a bi woman and trans man aired on prime time TV

Marina's boyfriend Bastian was wearing a shirt that said 'Protect trans kids'

This cute kiss between a bi woman and trans man aired on prime time TV
The kiss between Marian and boyfriend, Bastian | Photo: soynormalvale Twitter

Prime time television in Spain aired a kiss between a bi woman and a trans man.

19-year-old Marina was a contestant on Spanish talent show Operación Triunfo.

She performed The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera.

The singer lost the vote however.

During results, her mother and boyfriend joined her on stage.

Marina is a bisexual woman and her boyfriend, Bastian, is a trans man.

After their reunion and a hug between the three, Marina and Bast shared a kiss.

The moment has been applauded as a moment of visibility for the LGBTI community.

TVE is the Spanish TV network who broadcast Operación Triunfo. The network has been thanked for being ‘the public broadcaster that represents us.’

Watch the cute kiss below

The kiss between Marina and Bastian on prime time television has been labeledhistorical moment for public television.

One Twitter user thanked the couple for their ‘courage and commitment to equality, diversity and visibility.’

Bastian wore a shirt saying ‘Protect trans kids’ much to Twitter’s delight.

Guillem Clua is a Spanish director and scriptwriter. He said the kiss was the ‘best thing to happen on Spanish television.’

Edu Calle is a Spanish TV and radio host. He applauded the show for the diversity.

One Twitter user said: ‘Love is too nice to hide in the closet. Thanks Marina and Bastian for being visible.’

Another thanked the couple for ‘breaking molds’ and ‘dismantling prejudices.’

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