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Speaker to the Colorado House of Reps has civil union ceremony

Speaker to the Colorado House of Reps has civil union ceremony

Taking advantage of the legislation he worked so hard to get passed, Colorado Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino entered into a civil union with his longtime partner.

Ferrandino and Greg Wertsch held a ceremony at the Colorado State Capitol over the weekend, two months after Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper today signed civil unions into law.

The law went into effect 1 May.

Ferrandino said in a statement: ‘Greg and I have tried to keep this low-key because we are just one of the thousands of Colorado couples whose commitment to each other can now officially be recognized by the state.’

He added: ‘I am very proud that I was able to help make this new law a reality. But today, any sense of legislative accomplishment takes a back seat to a much more personal feeling — my love for Greg and for our foster daughter, Lila.’

The new law provides gay and lesbian couples with such legal protections and responsibilities as the ability to take family leave to care for a partner, to make medical and end-of-life decisions for a partner, to live together in a nursing home, and to adopt children together.

It was just seven years ago that Colorado voted to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage. It joined eight states that have civil unions or similar laws.