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Spice Girls join the Mr. Men and Little Misses cast in new children’s books

Spice Girls join the Mr. Men and Little Misses cast in new children’s books

Spice Girls

After spreading the Girl Power across the globe in the 1990s, the Spice Girls are back with an empowering move catered to kids… and adults.

The British all-female band has teamed up with Mr. Men and Little Misses to have their own stories published.

Mr. Men is a series of children’s books by English author Roger Hargreaves commencing in 1971. From 1981, an accompanying series of Little Miss books by the same author was published, introducing several female characters.

Little Miss Baby, Little Miss Ginger, Little Miss Scary and Little Miss Sporty each have their own unique story.

‘Little Miss Spice Girls are bringing girl power to the Mr. Men & Little Miss world,’ reads the books’ description.

‘The ultimate icons of Girl Power!’

The books cost £4.99 ($6.47, €5.78) each. As for the upcoming reunion tour, Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice will sit this one out, too.

‘Where’s Little Miss Posh?’ one fan asks understandably.

Taking care of her fashion empire, probably.

Little Miss Baby

‘Little Miss Baby is the sweetest, kindest person you could ever meet,’ says the Little Misses’ website of the book about Emma Bunton.

‘She is always trying to help the Little Miss Spice Girls, but sometimes things don’t turn out the way she hoped. So her friends decide that she needs something else to keep her busy. What could Little Miss Baby do instead?’

Little Miss Ginger

‘Little Miss Ginger is a very confident and determined person. When she puts her mind to something there is no stopping her, including when she wants to do something special for the other Little Miss Spice Girls,’ the description for the book about Geri Horner reads.

‘But what idea will Little Miss Ginger come up with for their tour finale?’

Little Miss Scary

‘Little Miss Scary is scarily good at things,’ is the description for Melanie B.

‘There is nothing that she can’t do. So when the Little Miss Spice Girls have a few mishaps on the day of their biggest show, Little Miss Scary sorts everything out. But what will she do when there is a problem on stage?’

Little Miss Sporty

‘Little Miss Sporty is incredibly hard-working and active,’ reads the story line about Melanie C.

‘She is always busy doing lots of things, but not all the Little Miss Spice Girls have quite the same attitude. So when she asks them to help her with the Spiceland Fun Fair, she’s not surprised that things don’t go quite as planned. But what will the Mr. Men make of the fair?’

Fans’ reactions

Although the Little Miss Books seem to be catered primarily to children, slightly older Spice Girls stans have already ordered the four stories.

Spice Girls are touring the UK

In November 2018, the band originally announced six dates but added five further shows due to the huge demand.

The now foursome will play London, Cardiff, Manchester, Coventry, Sunderland, Edinburgh and Bristol. The tour kicks off on 27 May in Cardiff and culminates in the three final dates at London Wembley Stadium.

Bisexual singer Jess Glynne will be the support act.

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