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Spice Girls star reveals she’s had sex with women

Spice Girls star reveals she’s had sex with women

Spice Girls singer Mel B has reveals she’s had sex with women but says she’s not a lesbian.

The British singer, now a judge on The X Factor, revealed that she had sexual relationships with women in the past but now she’s ‘happily married’ it no longer matters.

She was speaking with Alan Carr on his Chatty Man talk show, due to air tonight (7 November).

When asked about straight women who had become lesbians, she said: ‘Yeah. I was one of those for a few years.’

But when Carr asked the former Spice Girl if she was a lesbian, Brown said: ‘I would not call it that. I was just one of those ladies. Now I’m happily married.’

The X Factor judge is a mother of three and wife to Stephen Belafonte.

She also spoke about the time she was in Simon Cowell’s dressing room, which she describes as looking a little…extravagent.

‘His dressing room is stunning. It is like what Liberace would have. He has got a bath, it is gorgeous,’ she said.

‘I was sitting there with a cup of tea and he walked out of his bathroom with his towel on and he said, "Oh, hello darling, I have just come out of the bath".

‘I said, "Can we talk about the show please?’ He just sat there in his towel.’