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Spiritual leader in Ghana warns getting tattoos can turn you gay

Spiritual leader in Ghana warns getting tattoos can turn you gay

A leading spiritualist in the West African nation of Ghana has warned against people getting tattoos, claiming they can influence people to become gay or lesbian.

Mallam Ya Wadudu made the comments in an interview with The Mirror during a interview about the harmful effects of foreign cultural influences on Ghanaian society.

Wadudu said that tattooing was a foreign practice that was warned against in many religious books, including the Christian Bible, and warned there could be unexpected consequences for people who get tattooed.

‘The snakes, lions, scorpions, frogs and other animal symbols they put on themselves all have spiritual meanings,’ Wadudu said.

‘Those who put the symbols on their bodies have to be delivered from the influence of the spirits in the symbols.’

Wadudu said that getting a tattoo could unknowingly make a person beholden to such spirits who would then punish them for failing to honor them by pushing them into things like homosexuality, alcoholism, prostitution or stealing.

‘If you go for spiritual power and you refused to honor your part of the process, the deities will not only vent their anger on you alone but the whole community as well which sometimes result in the accident we see,’ Wadudu said.

Homosexuality has been illegal in Ghana since 1860 when it was a British colony and since 2003 consensual sex between men is punished with up to three years imprisonment.