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Spoof calendar shows football managers in sexy gay poses

Spoof calendar shows football managers in sexy gay poses

A spoof calendar of football managers in homoerotic poses has become a sell-out Christmas stocking filler for soccer fans.

‘Sexy Managers’ is the brainchild of illustrator James Husbands and each month features a cartoon of soccer bosses in different saucy scenarios.

What started off with Liverpool and Manchester United managers Kenny Dalglish and Sir Alex Ferguson recreating the famous pottery scene from Ghost, now includes depictions of former England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson in a pair skimpy trunks like Daniel Craig’s James Bond and Fabio Capello rolling naked in a bed full of cash.

One of the most hilarious pictures, however, is a Brokeback Mountain spoof with Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola as the gay cowboy lovers.

Other football movers and shakers to get a cheeky send-up include Harry Redknapp, Rafa Benetiz and Roberto Mancini.

The 2013 calendar is on sale now and extra stock has already had to be ordered due to high demand.