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Spotify airs anti-trans ad and then pulls it after angry uproar

Spotify airs anti-trans ad and then pulls it after angry uproar

Streaming platform Spotify recently pulled an ad following outcry from people calling it transphobic.

Users reported hearing the ad while listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks on the platform. According to INTO, Spotify confirmed the ad aired for some of their users.

The ad in question was about proposition 3 in Massachusetts, which residents will be voting on in the midterm election tomorrow (6 November).

Prop 3 is a veto referendum, allowing people to vote on whether or not they want to repeal a state law. Senate Bill 2407 was passed in 2016. It prohibits discrimination in areas of public access on the basis of gender identity.

A No vote would repeal this anti-discrimination law, while a Yes vote would preserve it and continue protecting people who are not cisgender in Massachusetts.

People like Laverne Cox have been advocating for voting Yes on 3.

The ad running on Spotify was promoting votes for No on 3.

Spotify users quickly shared their displeasure with the ad and threatened canceling their accounts.

Tweet about Spotify
Canceling their account | Photo: Twitter @gembearable
Tweet about Spotify
Pull the ‘hateful’ ads | Photo: Twitter @nuggetemilybev

Spotify responds

GSN reached out to Spotify for comment.

A spokesperson for the comment gave the following statement: ‘We believe in maintaining a diversity of voices and content on our platform; however, this ad violates portions of our advertising editorial policy and was served to our users in error. We will continue to improve our systems to ensure that all advertisements meet our advertising guidelines that are available on Spotify.’

The midterm elections in the US are tomorrow, with numerous state offices on the line, including the Senate, House of Representatives, governorships, and more, as well as various propositions.

More LGBTI candidates are running than ever before, with a majority running as Democrats. Some reports indicate a blue or rainbow wave washing over the US, with many of these candidates being elected.

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